Important announcement on European customers

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Investor account

Important considerations: #

The investor account is designed exclusively for a client to link to a PAMM account so that a manager can make trades with the capital in his trading account.

In that sense, the investor account offers security to the client as it enables:

  • The PAMM manager to only have trading access to the client’s capital. That is, he cannot access it for any action other than trading it.
  • The client to have greater control over his funds since he can closely monitor the operations carried out in his account and request the disassociation from the PAMM if he is not satisfied with the manager’s operations.

For an investor account to be linked to a PAMM account, both the manager and the client must sign a legal document called an LPOA.

When you sign the LPOA, the owner of the PAMM account will be able to place orders that will be replicated in your personal trading account using the equity in the account.

To avoid unanticipated loss of capital, we recommend that you constantly monitor your trading account. If you wish to monitor your trades and/or the profitability/loss of your account, you can use the following means:

  • Investor account: you can access your investor account from the MT4 platform using the credentials you have in your email.
  • PAMM platform ( where you can access your trading account linked to PAMM and view real-time data.

DUO Markets is not responsible for any losses that may occur on the capital of your trading account as a result of operations carried out by the PAMM account to which it is associated.

Make sure you understand the risks involved in this type of trading, as well as the risks related to the financial instruments that will be traded.

If you have any questions you can contact us at:

[email protected] or whatsapp +51 960 142 425.

Important announcement on European customers

As of August 21, 2023, we will no longer be able to receive clients from countries that are part of the European Union under the regulation of South Africa (FSCA). Likewise, the accounts of European clients currently under South African regulation will be closed at the end of August 2023. This is due to changes implemented by ESMA and Eurozone regulators. For any questions please contact our support team on our live chat or email: [email protected]