Important announcement about swap-free accounts

Leverage and margins

Find all the necessary information about the leverage levels and required margins that DUO Markets offers for its various instruments.


It is a very useful tool for clients to take advantage of market movements using only small amounts of capital. However, it also carries a higher risk, as losses can be increased when trading using leverage. It is recommended that clients use risk management tools (such as placing stop loss orders).



Notional Value
(1 lot)






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Stops Out & Margin Call

Margin refers to the minimum capital you must have in your trading account to be able to open trades. A Margin Call will occur when your margin requirement reaches a certain level at which you will no longer be allowed to open additional trades as you have a large part of your capital committed to various trades (or you have too little capital to open a new trade).

In DUO Markets the Margin Call will be given when your Margin Level reaches 50%. The Stop Out level is the level at which some of your trades may start to close automatically. This happens because your current capital is below the minimum necessary to keep your trades open. The Stop Out will occur when your margin reaches 20%. The MT4 platform automatically calculates and displays your used margin, free margin and margin level (%) so you will always know if you are close to the Margin Call or Stop Out level.

Margin Call

Margin Stop

Equity (%) of Margin Requirement



What is leverage?

Leverage is an operational facility that a broker provides to its clients so that they can carry out operations that require more capital than the client's available capital. In that sense, leverage has a "multiplier" effect.

Advantages and disadvantages
of leverage


The main advantage of leverage is that it allows traders to pay only a fraction of the total position. In other words, it allows them to have more trading capital.


On the other hand, the main disadvantage of leverage is that you are exposed to a greater loss than if you were to perform the same trade without leverage.

This is why leverage is considered a "double-edged sword", as it allows for higher profits, but also exposes traders to greater risks.

How does leverage affect
your trading?

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Important announcement about swap-free accounts

We would like to inform you that we are changing the way we charge Administration fees on Swap free Accounts.

Swap-free Accounts are modified accounts in which rollover fees are waived to comply with Islamic religious beliefs. Swap-free Account holders can hold their positions for an unlimited amount of time, without incurring any swap charges. Instead, administration fees will be applied when a position is kept open over a predefined time threshold.

From December 1st 2023, onwards we will apply the administration fees with a balance transaction after a grace period of five (5) days for Forex Majors, Forex Minors and Gold instruments and three (3) days for Forex Exotics, Energies and Silver instruments.