Important announcement about swap-free accounts

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How to change the password of the client area?

In our client area click on the My Profile option.

We will arrive at a screen with all the personal data that we have registered, there we must click on the option «CHANGE PASSWORD» that appears at the top.

On this new page we will be asked to enter our current password and the new password for our customer profile.

Remember that this password change does not affect your operating accounts.

Important announcement about swap-free accounts

We would like to inform you that we are changing the way we charge Administration fees on Swap free Accounts.

Swap-free Accounts are modified accounts in which rollover fees are waived to comply with Islamic religious beliefs. Swap-free Account holders can hold their positions for an unlimited amount of time, without incurring any swap charges. Instead, administration fees will be applied when a position is kept open over a predefined time threshold.

From December 1st 2023, onwards we will apply the administration fees with a balance transaction after a grace period of five (5) days for Forex Majors, Forex Minors and Gold instruments and three (3) days for Forex Exotics, Energies and Silver instruments.